General organisation

Olympiades Luxembourgeoises des Sciences Naturelles a.s.b.l.

in collaboration with the

Service de Coordination et de Recherche de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques


Olympiades des Sciences Naturelles a.s.b.l.
5, Rixegoard
L-8353 Garnich



+ 352 26 62 32 – 200

Executive Committee

M. Jeff Kohnen – Organisation Head EOES 2024

Ms. Liss Weber – Vice Organisation Head EOES 2024

M. Christophe Ternes – Vice Organisation Head EOES 2024

M. Alex Salsmann – Coordinator of the Scientific Committee

M. Gil Belling – Coordinator SCRIPT

Ms. Sylvia Mann – Vice Coordinator SCRIPT

Ms. Cindy Hary – Secretary EOES 24